Your Choice in High Quality Laminate Flooring

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Ease of care and aesthetic beauty; durable and stylish with versatility that fits any room. Laminate flooring provides the style and affordability of quality flooring. (The Original) Perfect Flooring offers a wide selection of laminate flooring that adds quality to your home.

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Water resistant laminate is the perfect choice for the bathroom, adding a protection layer against water & moisture. For high-traffic areas like the kitchen, high traffic laminate is a good option. Scratch resistant laminate is ideal for the children's room or game room; while noise resistant laminate is a fantastic choice in flooring for the bedroom. (The Original) Perfect Flooring offers the selection of laminate flooring to suit any room in the home.

Complete Installation for All Rooms

Laminate is easy to install flooring. The construction of the product is one that offers a thin thickness, allowing it to be easily placed over any foundation surfaces. Planks click and snap into place along the floor's base. It is designed is magnificent with each plank fitting perfectly with one another.

Our laminate installations team is one that offers expertise and excellence in laminate flooring installations in Pittsburgh. Our team can install laminate boards over any foundation type, working efficiently to provide the best installation possible and the most affordable rate for materials and installation.

Easy Installations

Unlike hardwood and carpet, the laminate is a flooring that can be supported on nearly any type of foundation. Installation of laminate floors includes no expensive preliminary work, which can save hundreds to thousands of dollars compared to other types of flooring.

Wide Selection of Quality Laminate Flooring in Pittsburgh

At (The Original) Perfect Flooring, you have a wide selection of laminate flooring to provide you with the most appealing options for each room in your home or office. Our authentic textured laminate flooring offers rustic markings to provide the character of wood. Our matte/smooth laminate flooring conceals markings and surface scratches, making it ideal for high traffic areas. High gloss laminate is a natural and elegant choice in laminate. Tile stone, colors, and patterns are also in your selection of Laminate flooring at (The Original) Perfect Flooring.

(The Original) Perfect Flooring is your source for quality laminate floors and installations that will exceed your expectations.